Arkansas Turbine  is located in Pocahontas, Arkansas. We are located 100 miles north west of Memphis, Tennessee and 120 miles northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas. ATSI has the only TPE 331 Propeller Test Cell in the state of Arkansas. We are capable of running inlet up or inlet down TPE 331 engines. The new test stand that we are in the process of building will have all digital instrumentation with data acquisition. Earlier this year, we acquired our new airframe facility capable of securing SC7 Skyvans, Jetstreams, Fairchild Metro, and other midsize twins.


ATSI owns two complete sets of TPE 331 tooling including Two Eaton Lebow's and test propellers for left and right hand turn. We are in the process of completing our second mobile test cell for use as our customer base is rapidly expanding.


Arkansas Turbine has over 40 years of TPE 331 experience.


Arkansas Turbine

1313 Razorback Dr

Pocahontas, AR 72455


Phone (870) 609-1933

FAX (870) 609-1934


Brian cell - 870-761-2888


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  • Our Services:
  • Hot Section Inspection
  • Gear Box Inspection
  • Compressor Inspection
  • TBO Extensions
  • CAM Inspection & Overhaul
  • Test Cell Operations
  • Lebow & Recompensation
  • Engine Removal and Installation
  • Field Maintenance
  • Emergency Non Scheduled Work
  • Rental Engines